Art Requirements


  • Adobe Illustrator (up to CS3)
  • Adobe Photoshop (up to CS2)

Color Matching:

Use Pantone Color Matching System for all spot colors. We will provide color swatches as suggestions to get the color desired. You may provide current samples for us to match. All color-scanned images must be in CMYK.

Text & Fonts:

  • Type must be set in an Illustration Program (No embedded type in Photoshop, vector art only)
  • All fonts must be included with job in both screen and printer faces.
  • ONLY postscript and Open-type fonts are accepted.
  • Regular type should be no smaller than 3pt. for legibility. Any reverse type should be bold.

Note: True Type fonts are low resolution and are unsuitable for printing over 600 DPI. This form must be converted into paths/outlines.

File Formats Accepted:

  • .ai
  • .eps
  • .pdf (only if in outlines)

Sending Files:

We recommend any jobs with multiple and/or large files be saved on a CDROM and should be sent via courier to:

Glenroy, Inc.
Attn: Art Department
1437 Wells Drive
Bensalem, PA 19020

Please include a sample and a printed copy of what you are looking for and/or detailed instructions of how the job is supposed to look.

Or: You may email the Art Department.

Please try to keep the email files below 4MB so it comes through with minimal problems. You may also send compressed 'StuffIt' archived attachments.

Original Art

If you do not have artwork, we offer free estimates for creating artwork specifically for flexographic printing at our design center. All inquires must have this information included for a proper estimate:

  • Size of label.
  • Shape of label.
  • Any graphical links, pictures that you would like to include.
  • A detailed drawing or email describing the look / feel you are seeking.
  • Who is the end user or target audience.
“Glenroy has been our label provider for over 30 years providing quality products and on time deliveries.”
Stephen J. Kiszely
President, Delaware Valley Packaging Group