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Welcome to Glenroy's Cannabis & CBD Labels Solutions!
The cannabis and CBD market is experiencing rapid growth, with more than two-thirds of US states legalizing medical cannabis. In this competitive landscape, it's essential for products to stand out and comply with specific regulations in each state.
At Glenroy, we specialize in providing custom labeling solutions tailored to the unique needs of the cannabis and CBD industry. Here's how we can help:
  • Wide Variety of Material Options: We offer a wide selection of materials, including decorative, tamper-evident, and sealing options, to meet your specific labeling requirements. Our labels are designed to enhance product visibility and ensure compliance with state regulations.
  • Variable Data Solutions: Our labeling solutions include variable data capabilities, allowing for the printing of barcodes and product versions to meet regulatory and tracking requirements.
  • Variety of Substrates and Adhesives: Glenroy offers a variety of substrates and adhesives to ensure that your labels adhere securely to various packaging materials and withstand the demands of the cannabis and CBD industry.
  • Custom Laser Die Cut Designs: Our custom laser die-cut designs allow for precise and intricate label shapes and designs, helping your products stand out on dispensary shelves and attract consumer attention.
  • Extended Content Labels: Glenroy provides extended content labels that offer additional space for product information, usage instructions, and regulatory compliance details, ensuring that you can communicate all necessary information to consumers effectively.
Trust Glenroy for all your cannabis and CBD labeling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom labeling solutions and how we can help elevate your products in this rapidly growing market.
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